Ellen Alderton, writing under the pen name Caroline Alethia, is a professional writer whose work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, on radio and in web outlets. Her words have reached audiences on six continents. She lived in Bolivia and was a witness to many of the events described in Plant Teacher.

A novel about a boy, a girl, a syringe, a rising dictator and donuts — all set (well, mostly set) in Bolivia.

"It is a little-known fact that LSD can be injected intravenously. In 1972, a hippie in Oakland, California flushed a full syringe of lysergic acid diethylamide down the toilet in anticipation of a police raid. Surprisingly, rather than clogging up the building plumbing, the small syringe found its way into the city’s combined sewer system..." Read more.

"Scratch that. Graduation from Brown was the best day of his life until 8:49 that evening when his father, whom he had admired, loved, and deeply adored, but largely from a distance, was pronounced dead on arrival at Providence Hospital..." Read more.

"Oh, how the president smiled when an aide brought him that news. He gave the man a warm handshake and didn’t fire him until the following week..." Read more.

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